The Analytic Lens

The Analytic Lens

You like movies to such a point that you wonder what the essence behind them really is? Then this site is for you, I am constantly trying to understand the deeper thinking behind a story, and how it links to our daily lives and thinking. My girlfriend, Amy Bandera is a psychoanalytically trained psychologist who writes screenplays and practices forensic psychology in Los Angeles combined her passions into one blog, I hope you’ll enjoy it! Oh, and I am illustrating her posts too 🙂



Poltergeist illustration copyright David Levy 2012

  • Jon-Laurence Esnard de Cespede

    David, i have spent the past five hours perusing through your website and I just wanted to Thank You for giving me the inspiration to create again. Your work is mesmerizing to say the least and i look forward to seeing more of your work manifest in popular media…Though i have been familiar with your work for quite some time, it was the concept art for Ender’s Game that entrapped me.

    • Hi Jon Laurence, Thanks for the kind words! Ender’s game presented a very specific set of difficult issues to resolve, so I am very glad to hear you enjoyed it! Looking forward to see your work!

  • daniel lim

    thanks for the website! Big inspiration on the way how I approach my concept work as well…I need to loosen up some more!

  • Heather Perry

    Doctor Levy

    My name is Heather Perry and I want to tell you that your articles are fascinating. So intriguing that I am thinking about creating a bot of my own. I believe that it would be true if we could give paedophiles realistic child sexbots as part of their treatment, that it would help them or at least keep them away from our children now. I am wanting to take it up a notch and create animal sex bots for the people who have a bestiality fetish. I already have an idea of what the invention would look like. I love animals and I think that they are also like little children innocent and defenseless. I have sent you an email i do hope you can get back with me soon or whenever you have time.

    Thanks for your time

    Heather Perry