The Analytic Lens

The Analytic Lens

You like movies to such a point that you wonder what the essence behind them really is? Then this site is for you, I am constantly trying to understand the deeper thinking behind a story, and how it links to our daily lives and thinking. My girlfriend, Amy Bandera is a psychoanalytically trained psychologist who writes screenplays and practices forensic psychology in Los Angeles combined her passions into one blog, I hope you’ll enjoy it! Oh, and I am illustrating her posts too :)



Poltergeist illustration copyright David Levy 2012

  • Jon-Laurence Esnard de Cespede

    David, i have spent the past five hours perusing through your website and I just wanted to Thank You for giving me the inspiration to create again. Your work is mesmerizing to say the least and i look forward to seeing more of your work manifest in popular media…Though i have been familiar with your work for quite some time, it was the concept art for Ender’s Game that entrapped me.

    • David Levy

      Hi Jon Laurence, Thanks for the kind words! Ender’s game presented a very specific set of difficult issues to resolve, so I am very glad to hear you enjoyed it! Looking forward to see your work!

  • daniel lim

    thanks for the website! Big inspiration on the way how I approach my concept work as well…I need to loosen up some more!