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Categories: Movies Date: 31 May, 2012


Work done on Prometheus during the 11 months of conceptual and production phase.

As the marketing department is showing more and more images for Prometheus I will also show some of the concepts created during the year I worked on it, under Ridley Scott and Arthur Max, alongside Ben Procter and Steven Messing.

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    These are really quite excellent. Great job. I especially like the medical pod design. I’m also really curious as to what the brief was regarding the proto-facehugger.


  • kenny

    awesome art directions!

  • iroiro

    insane! thanx for sharing

  • phase pistol

    Fantastic! I loved the design in Prometheus, “well done” to you and the entire team.

  • teknohed

    great stuff.

  • robthom

    So who’s final decision was it to choose all the wrong designs?

    Nice work.

    They should have made more use of it.

    • haha, well, there are many parameters when chosing a design, sometimes praticity takes over some visual choices 🙂

  • David Weiss

    Absolutely educational and entertaining work. Stellar.

  • whenzdey

    Beautiful designs, don’t let it end there, Prometheus 2 & 3, hope hope!

  • kappaisonline

    Is there an artbook?…Purchased right today!!!

  • Stunning

  • Adam

    Great concepts, amazing job overall.

  • magnifique

  • Aaron Darkwood

    Genius work truly!

  • Symbio

    Absolute great and fantastic stuff and love the kitchen and floor reflection in the Helmets in 01, 03 and 09 lol 😉

  • Weyland inc

    Incredible stuff.. I especially like the surgical pod drawings. Very unnerving. fascinating

  • paul poule

    t est trop une star….


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